Tutorial 7: Control mode, error states and conditions

Let’s learn more about the process component.

We will build this:

The diagram below shows what you will build in this tutorial. The red dots show the steps.

Control modes

When a process component is a servant, the

Error and acknowledge

A servant is often in run mode. In the event of an error, it changes to error mode. You can see the error mode in the Qbool array:

Operator error confirmation

After you clear an error, the component can react in three ways. It is defined in Operator_error confirmation (PD_9557):

– Wait for restart
– Wait for acknowledge
– Confirmation after power-up.


Condition states

The condition of a component is in an enum, PD7883. The superviser and

Now, let us build it.

Step 1: Add a button for the input and output

1. Open the assembly".

We need to make the window bigger to make room for the two new buttons.

2. Set

Step 2: Save, build and run your project

1. Open your

For our next tutorial, we will find out how to calculate the condition.