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VIGO6 is a software package developed by PROCES-DATA that takes care of all phases in an automation project

VIGO6 is developed to:

• Reuse already developed, tested and proven software components, either from your own archive or from PROCES-DATA’s public archive.
• Develop visualization and control in one software tool.
• Add documentation inside each software component.

And to reduce time used on:
• Writing control logic
• Designing graphical user interfaces
• Creating wiring lists
• Download of software configurations
• On-site testing of projects
• Factory acceptance test and commissioning
• Operator training and education

Basic Concepts

Understand the VIGO6 design concept and how it will improve both your development process and the final automation installation.  

COPP Modules

Need hardware for your
VIGO6 projects?



Tutorials, best practices, and user guide for the VIGO6 application designers.


Your Fast Track to MID

Certified software development environment and hardware platform for MID / OIML approvals.