Here is a quick overview of some of the basic concepts in COPP and VIGO6.
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See how you can digitize mechanical elements bottom up with control logic and runtime interfaces. Afterwards you can use the elements as building blocks to create machines or whole plants. Throughout the example, important design concepts are highlighted.

Short presentations of the main features of the VIGO6-platform

We have gathered some of the advantages you will get when selecting VIGO6 for your next automation project. It includes faster development time, reuse of functionality, speed and reliability in running systems, and flexibility and easy maintenance.

From specifications to running plant in 6 easy steps. This article describes our prefered design process for automation projects.

VIGO6 helps you with creating distributed process control systems with a higher level of distribution. But what does a higher level of distribution mean? The 0th to 3rd level of distribution in distributed process controls are explained with advantages and disadvantages.

Go to PROCES-DATA’s home page to see all the different COPP hardware modules that you can use with VIGO6.

Go to PROCES-DATA’s home page to learn more about how you can use COPP and VIGO6 for MID / OIML approval.