Tutorial 2: Assemblies and projects

In this second tutorial, we will again present some of the key concepts of


The tutorial switch between theory and hands-on exercises with "how-to" videos as a help. You can spot the videos by this icon:

Now, let’s get started.


Throughout the tutorial, you need an understanding of the following concepts:

Step 1 - Create an assembly

1. The first step is to create an

Step 2 - Create a main assembly

Now, we have an

Step 3 - Locate the control components

Now you need to locate your software components.

1. Click on the PD 850

Step 4: Setting up your test environment

1. You need a 24V power supply, PD 850 with the base

Serial numbers, modules, and devices

We call the physical hardware

Step 6: Setup your project

1. In your

Step 7: Download your code and test your regulator

1. Press the "Start

Now let us move to the next tutorial where you learn how to log data.