Tutorial 6: Adding visualization of the modules

Now, let us add some more

The diagram below shows what you will build in this tutorial. The red dots show tutorial steps.

Step 1: Add a standard button that opens a PD850 swipe view

1. Open your

Step 2: Create a custom icon that opens a PD 850 swipe view

1. Open "PD_2322 – PD850_MF_IO".

2. Right-click and select "Create a new

Now all mouse clicks or screen taps will go to the "open view your button now. This is because the methods that are only available at run-time.

Step 3: Add your button to the main view

1. Open your

Step 4: Save, build and run your project

1. Open your

For our next tutorial, we will enhance the popup-windows for our temperature regulators. We will do it by adding pre-built buttons with swipe windows for the output and input components.