Fast development

  • One single tool covers all steps of automation for any project:
  • System layout
    • Hardware
    • Wiring list
    • I/O-testing
    • Control logic
    • Simulation
    • HMI
    • Data logging
  • One single programming language for:
    • Logic control
    • Views
    • Graphic operator interface
    • Supervisory functions
  • Component archive with full access- and version control. In addition, it supports a multi-user programming environment.
  • The context sensitive editor makes it simple to do even advanced control logic.
  • Automatic unit check reduces quantity errors.
  • Documentation is a part of VIGO6. It gives you instant help when you use components from the archive.

Reuse of functionality

  • Large archives of tested process and control components.
  • Easy reuse of software components reduces engineering time.
  • Object-oriented principle supports inheritance of functionality and related views for simple customization.
  • Grouping of process sections, with related views into components that you can reuse.

Speed and reliability in the running system

  • COPP, the programming language, is event-driven, so it:
    • Reduces the load on the CPU.
    • Lessens the need for polling I/O.
    • Reduces traffic on the P-NET Fieldbus.
    • Secures fast response to critical control.
  • Data is tagged with quality information that lets the control logic validate data
  • Distributed control reduces the effect of an error to a small area, while the rest of the plant can keep running.
  • COPP enabled I/O-modules ensures fast response.

Flexibility and easy maintenance

  • Operator login rights define access to data, views, and operations.
  • Integrated multi-language support that lets you switch language on the HMI.
  • Automatic conversion to or from local units in the editor and on HMI.
  • You can also use Andriod tablets and phones as HMI.
  • You can replace broken modules runtime with no need for reprogramming.
  • VIGO6 and COPP are ideal for all OEM’s who want to protect the know-how in their system. The reason is, that a third party can’t upload or change programs.