COPP Archive

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A VIGO6 installation includes a company COPP archive (also called Signer archive). This archive contains all the COPP component types that the company is using; both PD-developed component types and component types that the company has created themselves.
The VIGO6 workstation installation includes a local archive. COPP component types in the local archive are classified as: Draft, Development, Deleted, Tested, Approved, or Archived.

This enables the VIGO6-developer to eg develop COPP component types and store them locally as draft types.

Once the COPP component is tested it can be archived to the company server and the component will be tagged with the identification of the writer/owner, a timestamp and status “archived”.

The COPP component type is now visible and useable to all other VIGO6-developers in the company and they can obtain a local copy (which will have the same GUID as the one on the company archive) by refreshing their local archive.

Any change of an archived COPP component type is automatically assigned a new version by VIGO6, and only the owner of a component type can create a new version. The owner can change ownership of a component type to another VIGO6-user, who then becomes the owner.


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