I have used VIGO5. Is it easy to move to VIGO6?

The programming language in VIGO6, called COPP, is similar to PROCESS-PASCAL, so this part should be no problem.

And the VIGO6 platform contains many improvements that will make development easier, including:

  • In VIGO6 you build and test functionality one time, and then you can use it again. No copy-paste – you just add the component to your assembly.
  • In VIGO6 you have a lot of premade components that you can use in your project. It can be a pump valve or flow meter components.
  • In VIGO6, you tie the visualization to a component or assembly, and you can reuse it.
  • In VIGO6, you have better options for the maintenance of existing systems. There are no settings done directly on the modules – as was the case in VIGO5. As a result, when you locate your project for the system, you know what is running, can make the updates you want, and then build and download the new program.
  • In VIGO6 you can replace a faulty module on-the-fly. You simply remove the faulty module and plug in a new one, type in the Serial Number of the new module and you are back in business.

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