Can I work with 0-10V inputs?

While PROCES-DATA has designed the modules for 4-20mA inputs and outputs, it is still possible to use a 0-10V input.

Below is an example of a 0-10V level input transforming the 0-10V input signal to a length.

We have implemented basic error handling, which means that it will signal to its supervisor if it has an error.  You can operate it in “manual feedback”, “auto” and “disabled”. For more info on the built-in functionality of the process component see tutorial 7.

The component is PD-18096 and in the documentation section, you can see what it does. Basically, it reads a voltage and converts it to meters.

We have also created a view for the component (PD-18048) and for the assembly (PD-18117). But, you have the possibility to create your own too.

As we have mentioned in the documentation for the component, you can only locate it in a PD850. Additionally, you need to set operator rights in order to edit and see the view.

If you do not add any operator control, you will likely not see any fields on the views we have made.  That is why we have added component PD-17553 Display interface control to the assembly. In effect, we can add the login or logout button to our assembly view. This enables us to play around with operator rights.

To see how you can use the component, there is a project with the GUID PD-18108.

If you want to interface to this component in your overall control component, then do it as a “supervisor-servant”-connection.  Below you see how to access the “level in meters”