Is it possible to predefine users in a VIGO6 project?

While we suggest using the NFC-reader in the PD688 display unit for easy login, you can also predefine users.

We have created a control component  (PD_17553) and visualization (PD_18202) that allow you to create six default users for every display unit in a project. These are instance constants in the control component, so once you have added the component to your project you simply define the default users you want. And of course, remember to locate the component into the display unit.

The user logs in with username + password OR with userID + password.

The password and username are a (text)string. The string value is entered as plain text in the “AdaptString” cell.

See the example for Operator [0].

NoOfElements is the string length, 0,1,2,3 …  is the elements of the string. So since NoOfElements is 20, the password can be up to 20 characters long.

To add the visualization, you need to find the  get/set method of the “Operator_log_in” (see the attached screen dump)