Is it possible to have the editor on different Pc’s with the same user?

The VIGO6 editor is bound to be in one directory on one PC. Here your personal key is. This personal key is used when creating new GUID’s aso. Therefore, this key is yours personally and must only exist once. Copying it may cause creating more than one component with the same GUID, and this will cause you problems we cannot help you with. So this is a NO-GO!!.

Next, whatever GUIDs may be created on one PC, is not automatically copied to the other PC. Here you must either set the GUID’s in Development, or push them in Shared-Draft, and then fetch them on the other VIGO6 on the other PC.

Though, It is possible to ‘move’ the whole VIGO6 directory, but this is a manual process, where you are to move all files and directories to the other PC. In practice, it is time-consuming due to the many files and directories.