How do we work together on a project in VIGO6?

When you work together on a project in the early stage, it is faster and simpler to use the shared draft state. Use it for both the project as well as the types you use in the project.

You need to share all the types with the people working on the project. They can see and use them, but there is still only one owner. You create a project. Different people can work on different types that you use in the project. As a rule of thumb, split the project into as small pieces as you can. In that way, you don’t have to wait too long for other participants to implement changes.

If you find an error or want to add functionality to one of the types, the type owner can make the changes. Afterward, the type owner should push the types to the shared draft again. You can then go to the specific type and restore type and documentation, and thereby you implement the changes in the project.

You don’t need to create new versions of all the connectors and views for the type. It is primarily of that reason that it is faster and simpler.

There is no notification system in the editor that gives you an update when there are changes to one of the types in the project. As a result, you need to be in a close dialog with your colleagues.

Everyone who contributes to the projects needs to have the same editor version.