How to set language and operator access rights


If you don’t want to restrict any user access or use any translations, the default setting is Language = 1. If you haven’t defined language 1 in the project, the system will show texts as you wrote it in the program. Furthermore, set user access rights to all rights. There are no restrictions on what you can show, edit, or print.


If you must set the language and user access rights to specific values, then you must add PD_17553-xx – Display_interface_control to the

Automatic_Logout_at_StartUp must be True.
Set Logout_language_index to your preferred language.
Set Logout_operator_rights for the presentation interface.Or, you can set the Language in your program:
Create a


When you add the PD_17553-xx – Display_interface_control to a device, then you can add a view for this component: PD_18202-xx – View for operator define. Through this view, the operator can enter his credentials and set up the rights and language as defined in the operator array.

You can cover the login

PD_20658-xx – View_for_PD_688_printer:


Using NFC login is possible for a PD 688. The default setup for setting the language is that both the Display (