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A catalogue is a list of shortcuts to types in the local archive or the company archive. It is used to make a collection of the types you use for easier selection in the active editor.

Using existing catalogues

You can add existing catalogues to your editor via the “change editor setup” – button

Creating your own catalogue

You can also build your own catalogue.

  1. Press “Create new type” and select “Catalogue”.
  2. Give the Catalogue a name.
  3. Right-click and select “Add” and choose the types you want in the catalogue.
  4. To add a specific type to the catalogue, either:
    • Right-click on the type heading in the catalogue, choose “Add” and choose the type via the VIGO6 navigation tree.
    • Or locate your type via the tabs and right-click on the type name, select “add type to catalogue” and select your catalogue.
  5. You can keep the catalogue to yourself in the local archive or you can archive it on your company server so other colleagues can use it.

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