Working with the "Display_text_window_interface"text

Display_text_window_interface is a subcomponent that converts the words on a view into a text string.

You pick the view to use through the instance constant Display_text_window_interface.

You can set the instance constant at the component level, assembly level or project level.

Call the method Display_text_window_interface.SMS to get a string representation of the view you choose. After this method finishes, the volatile variable SMS_string contains the representation.

The representation contains all strings drawn to the window, in the order you specify in the view list. It respects language settings, access control, and unit conversion.

The interface separates each string by the value you define in "Delimiter", and the string ends with the value you define in "Endstop". If you handle delimiting by other means, e.g. Labels, use empty values. For special values, the interface defines a few pre-configured type constants (CRLF, Tab, etc). The first part of the string is always the delimiter.

The volatile SMS_string is valid until the next run of SMS(), or a write to the variable.

You can only locate a component that include the Display_text_window_interface in a device with a display; for example the PD 688 or the PD 955 COPP PC with display.

You can for example send the string as a text-message or store it on an SD-card or USB-stick.