How to setup COPP_PC_with_display as downloader

First step is to add the COPP_PC_with_display to your project.

Then fill in the serial number of the COPP_PC_with_display. When you use the “internal” COPP_PC_with_display( which is the typical scenario), the default serial number is  “20327971”. 

Now enable the COPP_PC_with_display to be “project downloader”. 

You can do it by right clicking the device at the project level, and then choose “Use this device as project downloader”. 

Remember to connect the COPP_PC_with display to the IP NET as well.  

Now go to the assembly level and add the configurator view, “View_for_Configurator”, to the COPP_PC_with_display’s guest view. This view is in the COPP_PC_with_display’s: Embedded components -> Display_screen. 

Note: If you’re not able to see any visualizations it is probably because you haven’t added the catalogue PD_2611-xx – Programmers_catalogue to your editor. To sum it up, you can only see the compatible views from your added catalogues (and your own views). For info on catalogues, click here -> Catalogue guide.

You are now ready to use the COPP_PC_with_display as your project downloader.