COPP_PC_with_display as downloader

How to setup COPP_PC_with_display as downloader

First step is to add the COPP_PC_with_display to your project.

Then fill in the serial number of the COPP_PC_with_display. When using the "internal" COPP_PC_with_display( which is the typical scenario), the default serial number is  "20327971". 

Now ensure that you have enabled the COPP_PC_with_display to be "project downloader". 

This can be done by right-clicking the device at the project level, and choosing "Use this device as project downloader". 

Also remember to connect the COPP_PC_with display to the IP NET.  

Now go to the assembly level and add the configurator view, "View_for_Configurator", to the COPP_PC_with_display's guest view. This view is loacted in the COPP_PC_with_display's: Embedded components -> Display_screen. 

Note: If your not able to see any visualisations it is probably becasue you haven't added the catalogue PD_2611-xx - Programmers_catalogue to your editor. You are only shown the compatible views from your added catalogues (and your own views). For info on catalogues, click here -> Catalogue guide.

You are now ready to use the COPP_PC_with_display as your project downloader.