To help you learn how to use VIGO6, we have created a set of tutorials. We recommend that you go through the tutorials in the order listed below.

Learn the basic terminology of VIGO6 and build your first component

Learn about assemblies, projects and main assemblies and download your control component to a hardware module.

Learn how easy it is to add logging of data

Learn about the proxy-notification system and build a supervisor component with two servants


Learn how to display pre-built visualisations of the PD Modules.

Learn how to work with the built in features of the process component.

Learn how to adjust the built in supervisor-proxy of your component, so that it can be controlled by supervisors.

Improve your master-supervisor so that it changes the set point at specific times during the day - using functionality in the built-in timer-subcomponent.



Learn how a state machine works via the example of a motor controller. Program your master supervisor via a state machine implementation.


Tutorial y: Networks

Understand the available network types in VIGO6.


Tutorial x: Adding translations to your project


Tutorial x: